Bruennen Stonesplitter

Level 8 Dwarven war-singer. Hold my beer!





Born nephew to the LordMarshall of the storied fortress Barrowhelm, a bastion of defense on the border of the Dwarvish kingdom, Bruennen was raised in a marital world. His birthright was to someday assume a leadership role, commanding a battalion if not an entire army in time. His education was centered around weapons, tactics and the art of leadership. While he took to combat training like a fish to water, he always struggled with the abstract concepts presented in the classroom. He could, however, sit enthralled for hours listening to the songs and sagas of the great Dwarven heroes and the tales spun by adventurers that visited his home. Life, for Bruennen, seemed to be a much more exciting thing outside the walls of Barrowhelm. From an early age he preferred the company of common people to the more rarefied society of the upper class, and as he integrated into military life he found himself very popular with the soldiers he was (allegedly) commanding and increasingly unpopular with his superior officers. In time, it became clear that Bruennen’s short attention span, jocularity and poor personal hygiene did not line up with the gravitas that his uncle Brodjin Barrelchest required of all his potential high-level officers. With this in mind, Brodjin offered his nephew the chance to lead a security detail for a routine diplomatic mission, hoping that the journey (and added responsibility) would help. Perhaps his plan might have worked, if the ship hadn’t sank…

Bruennen Stonesplitter

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