Creole Fae-bound Warlock


Half Elf, Half Black Warlock Charleton – Servant of Mav the Winter Princess

Scarred Background – Despises physical contact, scared of monsters; presents herself as helpless

Walks in the Deep Wood – Will defend the sanctity of fey places

Orphan mother – defends society’s cast outs; hates the cruelty of feudalism

Wears soft leather under a patchwork of lace garments and scarves.



The brown skinned beauty looks mournfully out the window of the finest inn of the port town. She seems entranced by the branches of the old maple that jerk wild and fey in the autumn wind shaking off their summer wear. She turns her eyes on him as the spirits confirm he is her mark. She gives a slight smile that the waiting is over, and the mark, thinking it’s for him, is smitten.

She gets up and gives a half glance back as she hurries into the breezy gloaming. She passes the windows and her silk scarf slips unnoticed to the ground. The merchant quaffs his mead, makes a last jest to his wealthy companions, and follows the entrancing beauty. As he starts to fear he has lost her, he hears a muffled yell. Just his luck! With his rapier, he chases off the knaves that have accosted her. He returns her scarf and gallantly explains what he thinks they should do with all the orphan scum that clutter the fine town’s streets.

He insists on walking her home and doesn’t notice the half-elf knaves circle back behind them. She seems distant and sorrowful and he tries with all his wit to cheer her. If only the night market were open, he could buy her something pretty. Or would she think that crass? Her voice is almost a whisper, and he leans in to hear her. She’s scared to go home and he convinces her to return to his family estate.

As he talks at her by the fire, he makes his move. Before his hand can grab her knee, she stands and turns on him and seems very different. Her eyes are lost to shadow and suddenly fae spirits seem to dance around her. They leap on to him and he barely has time to scream. She opens the windows and her cadre of orphans comes in from the cold.


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