Urvein Broadside

Dwarf - Former Pirate - Business Owner


Broadside is an unusual character, once a Dwarvish warrior, then a slave, then uncharacteristically for a dwarf, a pirate. He was remarkably successful, in part to being underestimated. After years of success, and outliving several crews, he decided it was time to retire. He took his treasures and founded a ship repair business, and several connected subsidiaries (construction, replacement parts, weapons, sails, lumber, crew, etc..) He is now one of the most successful and wealthiest people in Freeport.

Broadside has long been a support of Freeport Neutrality, and been a force to prevent factions and government from arising, by any means necessary (usually buying people off). Broadsides has directly benefitted from the stable, lawless, and industrious town of Freeport and is fiercely loyal to it. He respects religion and the guilds, but has done what he can to ensure neither has competed with him for power.

Broadside has come to be widely respected, and envied. He is shrewd, long sighted, and has cultivated debts and covenants with people far flung across Malaan.


Urvein Broadside

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