Dramatis Personae



Name Played by Race Class Traits Ideals Bonds Flaws

Alion D'Ocean

Chris Human* Monk


To Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves Lays down life for others, particularly the little guy Made a terrible mistake, now hesitant


Burke Half Elf Warlock/Bard


Environmentalist Plants and defenseless nature Fears the unnatural
Yu Tu
Donovan Human (Suni) Druid Taoist
On a Spiritquest
Protect Nature Halflings Foreigner naive to customs


Joseph Halfling Cleric Hyperactive
Avenging the innocent Remaht (the Hawk) Claustrophobic
Andrew Dwarf Fighter/Bard Fun Loving Be the Hero of the Story Whoever is in his group Obedient
Mike Human Ranger/Paladin

Pull weeds, prune decay

Protection, sacrifice, growth Sailors, Orphans, Plants Craves sun, fresh water

Backstory: They all boarded the "Phoenix" with different hopes, dreams and destinations, but fate would take them a different direction. The Phoenix sailed serenely through the Mare Porsche en route to ports West. But it would never make port. On a particularly calm day, something seemed amiss, the birds and dolphins that were following the ship disappeared, the water went from clear blue to a sort of inky purple. Out of nowhere a monster attacked the vessel, tentacles as thick as tree trucks wrapped around the hull and crushed it in seconds. The crew and passengers had little time to react. As they grappled for something to keep then afloat they saw several crew-members and other passengers escaping on a ship's boat. Many made for anything that would float, but in the turmoil many more either drowned, or suffered a worse fate as the Kraken devoured them at its leisure for hours. What Gods favored them is unknown, but upon the dawn, after a night of cold and terror, they awoke to find themselves alive on the cheery sea once more. They clung to the bit of hull that survived for days before they saw land. Without food or water they told their stories, and sang the songs of the homelands, to give them sustenance. During those days they forged a bond that could not be broken. When they finally made it to shore they vowed that they would accomplish their goals together. They found themselves in the Cape, and after wandering for a few weeks, found the road to Freeport. They sent Clayborn off to find out if any word of the other passengers had survived. For now they would get the lay of this new land, and await what fate had brought them here for. 

Dramatis Personae

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