• Population: 15,000 Humans, 5,000 assorted Humanoids and Demi-Humans
  • Economy: Trade, Shipbuilding, Horse Trade, Farming, Lumber 
  • Government: No official body
  • Military: Voluntary Militia of around 300 
  • Languages: Malaaneese, Cornic, Quesais, Elvish, Nefar (Non-human common tongue) 
  • Religions: Deh'wheri, Selaye, Cow Cult (cow god possesses different cows)

Freeport is an exception amongst civilized areas in that it has no government of any sort. It was established by merchants and ex-patriots after the fifth succession war and has survived the apotheosis, pirates and marauding centaurs for the years it has existed. The industries of trade, shipbuilding and lumber occupy most of the inhabitants who live around the gentle bay. Freeport's harbour is not large but the waters of Torpor Bay are very still so rarely is there trouble. Order in Freeport is maintained by locals who form a sort mutual protection neighborhood watch system. The occasionally have town halls to deal with large issues. Crime is dealt with by individuals and the threat of a mysterious Elf known as Valenor who seems to come out of no where to pursue criminals. This works surprisingly well in day to day practice but in the event of an actual assault by the nearby centaurs or others the town can muster a small militia to defend the unwalled city. The one predator that seems beyond Valenor's ability is Emirikol the Chaotic, a warlock of considerable ability and evil. 

Guilds and Societies

Farrier Guild

Mercer Guild

Inns and Businesses

  1. Spinward Supplies
  2. Breaching Whale Inn
  3. Longtale Inn
  4. First wave Tavern
  5. Saucy Churl Inn
  6. River Watch Bar
  7. Groggy Troll Inn
  8. Mystic Mixes
  9. civic park
  10. Uzriel’s Den
  11. Amphitheatre
  12. Grand theatre
  13. Abul’s mansion
  14. Quiet Academy
  15. Suni Dojo
  16. Watermark Guild
  17. Seals Outfitter
  18. Equestrian guild
  19. Rolger’s Apothecary
  20. Strange Zoologist
  21. Castleman Shoppes

    1. Artisan’s Armory
    2. Dwarf Forge
    3. Best Bowyer’s
  22. Seafarers
  23. Wayfayer’s Guild
  24. Rimward Traders
  25. Coin changers
  26. Sea Gem’s Dealer
  27. Ship’s Chandler
  28. Shrine of Wersail
  29. Lighthouse Manor
  30. Ship’s Call Tavern
  31. Temple of St. Azzurin
  32. Fuyer’s
  33. Found Items
  34. Maiden’s Hall
  35. River’s Edge Inn
  36. Horseman’s Guild
  37. Wine Merchant
  38. Gaolers
  39. Hotel des-cotes
  40. Jeweler’s Court
  41. River Plaza Cafe
  42. Gilded Leaf Healer
  43. Monk’s Respite bar
  44. Charcoal scribes
  45. Green Draughts (potions)
  46. Washbread Park
  47. Miller’s Guildhall
  48. Weaver’s Bail
  49. The Walk Inn
  50. Cul du Sac shops


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