House Rules

  • Character Generation

    • Races
    • Classes

      • Class Features – At each level where there is a class feature, the player may take the class feature OR take a Feat from the PHB (UA feats subject to DM approval). If a character opts to take the Feat, he or she can later opt to take a Feature from a lower level instead of the next feature.  Note if more than one feature is gained at a level, this applies to all of them.
      • Cantrips – If a character class grants access to cantrips. The character has access to all the cantrips in the PHB at 1st level. Additional cantrips (such as those in the Elemental Evil, or Unearthed Arcana may be discovered and learned in the future) 
  • Personality
  • Inspiration
  • Skills

    • Helping Requires check DC10 to provide advantage
  • Combat
  • Magic

House Rules

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