Welcome to No Man's Land.

After the Apotheosis the faithful Deh'wheri of Malaan found their ways to the Holy Lands in the realm formerly known as Enduir in the Northwest of Malaan. The people there welcomed all, human and non-human who sought to dedicate their lives to the gods who protected them before and after the heavens came to earth, and with the gods help, they begin to forge a heaven on earth. It is no easy task, but the people work diligently to do so. 

Across the newly formed Sea of Swords, to the South and East, the Elves expanded their once sleepy empire, the Deiçaeseldé awakened to defend themselves from the peril of the dark gods walking among them. They pressed their borders to the shores and up into the mountains. 

Between them, to the South, the Cape Baronies struggled. Many of their people, including most of their nobility and clergy, departed to the Holy Lands, refugees from elsewhere washed up on their shores, and the Fallen gods made sport of the people who remained. The Elvish armies came to their rescue and swept through the Cape scattering the forces of the dark gods, and sending them into hiding. The elves then retreated back to the Deiçaeseldé leaving the Capish to rule themselves. The Cape is no longer a country in its own right, just a collection of towns and villages each struggling to defend itself in this new world.
The coastline of the Sea of Swords is no man's land, a buffer zone between the elvish empire and the holy lands. Where once the great duchy of Melkalund was among the richest lands in all Malaan, now there is wilderness. An entire civilization buried or submerged. 

The people of the No Man's Lands are an independent lot, but even they recognized the need for stalwart defenders and explorers in this time of peril. 





No Man's Land

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