No Man's Land

Serpent Temple Loot

Ring of Regneration

Gold Necklace 200gs

Gold Bracelets 100gs x 2

Gold Rings 100 × 3

(should we liquidate this gold to get our mage a scroll before leaving fukov? – JR)

Wild Druid Loot

Loot from Wilder

  • Staff of the Woodlands @ – as per DMG (to attune requires someone hold the staff while casting each of the spells (in no particular order) then the staff can be planted to form the Tree. The wielder must climb the tree and spend one night in it. After that it is attuned)
  • Barkskin Brooch – Cast Barkskin on self 1/day (no limit on who can use it)
  • Fecund Cloak@ (must be attuned by casting plant growth in an area of rich loam).

Cloak made of leaves, grass, and vines. It drags on the ground behind a medium sized wearer. In a five foot line behind the character, it acts as plant growth. A character can hold the cloak up with one hand to avoid this effect., but taking it off entirely however removes attunement. 
In addition it quadruples the area of effect of Plant Growth, Entangle, and Wall of Thorns spells cast by the wearer. 

  • Stone Tablet – Written in Druid Cant upon the stone are the following:

    • Infestation (cantrip) – (D)
    • Healing Spirit* (2nd level) (D, R) (triple time to teach a ranger)
    • Erupting Earth (3rd level)  (D, S, Wi)
    • Wrath of Nature (5th level) (D)
    • Druid Grove (6th level) (D)

Learning these takes 2 hours per spell level (minimum 2 hours) and costs 50gp per spell level in various components.  

Insatiable Hunger
Exploring the ship

The ship has three principle decks. 
The Main Deck has a Foc'sle (Officers' cabin) and Aft castle (Captain's Cabin) – There are maps and papers detailing the journeys and distribution of loot up to about 2 months ago when all records end, except weather reports.
Lower Deck – Quarters for Crew, Galley. – Basic cooking gear, medical supplies, and ship tools. 
Stowage – Cargo – ropes, spare sail cloth, etc.
Bilge – Ballast and Bilge

The Hatch Cover was covered by a large tarp, under the tarp is an ornate brass grid to allow light and air down through the lower deck to Stowage. A circular patten is set into the grid.

Stored in the hold are barrels of fresh water, grog, foods stuffs for 100 person days.

Also chests containing:

9000 gp, 2300 pp, Carved Ivory Drinking Horn inlaid with Brass (250 gp), Gilded Wooden Dice (pair) inlaid with Silver (250 gp), Sable Shoes (250 gp), Gilded Wooden Comb (250 gp), Potion of Diminution , Potion of Fire Giant Strength), Potion of Stone Giant Strength , Potion of Superior Healing, Sovereign Glue (1 does), Universal Solvent (1 dose)

(Or we fucked up the holiday but got horses)

The Sunese bounty hunter did not get back his gold. But he did get to knock some beer out of Brue before they went back to filling up on it and became best friends. He told us of Yumori, the shape-shifting rabbit-man trickster certain to interfere with the holiday festival in Donnaley, where we had freshly arrived.

Before Brue and Crash and Yu Tu left the bar at the Tall Rider, Crash received a message over great distance from Emerikol, threatening that he would make us unwelcome on our travels against him. Then unseen forces began to mess with us. At the bar, a bottle was thrown from their table by no one at the bartender. The lads left when asked and noticed a curtain on fire in a window, which Crash put out, but was then also blamed for starting. They were banned from the Inn thereafter.

V and I met up with them and decided to earn money to buy horses so as to travel faster to the burial site of the Mage Slayer and steal his Repudiator to kill Emerikol like the dead guy asked us to at the Campaigner's Retreat. The holiday festival in Donnaley meant competitions and tournaments with gold prizes as well as side betting in which we thought we might multiply our winnings. The first of these was a beauty contest. Naturally, we decided to enter V who probably could have won without any magic.

But she likes to gain an edge with magic. That's why she's a warlock now I'd guess. So when Yumori showed up in the shape of an old mystic crone on the street trying to sell magic ointments to make V's face more beautiful, she charmed the crone out of them for free. Or maybe it wasn't really a charm at all.

And so we probably shouldn't have been surprised when V was running away with the beauty contest and then suddenly her face started melting from the ointment. Unnatural magics like that will always punish you for relying on them. Perhaps she will learn with time. She did not win the competition. She did put on a whinging show. 

At that point, the girl certain to win against our acid-scarfaced V lost the bottom of her dress to the heel of V's shoe. V threw up her usual curtain of flowing leaves to hide them both. According to her, at this point an imp appeared and stung the young girl in the neck then disappeared again. The girl was dead when the leaves disappeared.

The contest was called and again V threw a strop about the poor security allowing attacks by devils in broad daylight. At this point, Yu Tu reached out to the natural spirits around us to divine the location of the nearest fiend. We used him as a compass to lead us to the basement of one of the nicer homes in Donnaley.

There in the stead of an imp we found three flaming dwarves clad in plate and shield, armed with fiery weapons. The druid once again became a bear. The battle master stepped forward to hold the line with him. They both learned the hard way that attacking the fire dwarves meant getting burned in return.

Fortunately, the fire dwarves were fool enough to try to get through them with Crash floating about healing those in need. That gave me the time to take down the ones Brue and Yu Tu didn't manage to kill. Before we felled the last, the imp reappeared to attack V, but I impaled it, too, with an arrow to the basement wall.

The Horse Lords and their constabulary appeared. V explained to them surprisingly honestly that it was all our fault for pissing off Emerikol. Nonetheless, because we were Chief Horse Lord Lodan's guests in his home, he was obligated to offer us protection. Or barring that horses to get the hell out of their town before we made things worse.

His men did find Yumori's crone disguise which answered one question, but asked another. We will have to return for Yumori when we have the Repudiator in hand on our way back to kill Emerikol. For now, we ride on to the North and East toward the elves and the burial site of the Mage Slayer.

Freeport -> Campaigner's Retreat

When the Phoenix crashed, a motley crew survived by hanging on to flotsam, including the adventurers. They saw one of the ship's boats row away. Washed up in No Man's Land between the elves and gods, they marched on foot for 100s of miles to Free Port where Chris the monk knows people.

While the monk and hunter went to reconnoiter, the rest went to get rooms at the Groggy Troll. The young folk are excited about a post on the wall that came by bird. An invitation for the bold to gather at Campaigner's Retreat to deal with the evil warlock about. The team worked the room until the Warlock came down the street murdering fools.

They put up some resistance, but he's the darkness + dark vision style warlock with a nightmare and some ethereal powers, and the horned king doesn't go down in chapter 1 of Taran. The team does their best for the injured and dead. The silver lining is that no authorities show up. An adventurer could get used to that.

They set off to the retreat with a couple townsfolk the next morning, but someone has busted the sign at the first 5way intersection. Mending will only repair things that were once whole, which let Yu (druid) re-assemble it. 

The warlock has minions already set up. Some poor tortured schmuck puts down a lantern that spews wax men, and the team gets used to their combat roles.

Then thorns threaten to force the team from the path, but V isn't fooled and walks through the hallucinatory terrain. While this avoids the wolf ambush, the fight still occurs and the poor, dominated wolves are killed or driven off.

The team makes it to the Retreat.. but uncertain what's inside, they hide and camp out nearby.




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