A small settlement deep in the Lundish Wastes. It is a rough and tumble place where people live dangerous lives. The village is surrounded by a 30ft tall wall comprised of virtual tree trucks sunk deep in the earth and bound securely. Towers rise every hundred feet or so and are armed with ballistae.

Most notably the townsfolk use Dinosaurs, which they dub 'Saurians', for a variety of tasks. The large herbivorous Sauropods are used as massive living cranes maneuvering the massive logs used to protect the town and provide defenses and bridges elsewhere. They hunt Hadrosaurs and other ornithopods for food. They also trap carnivorous and armored dinosaurs to use for sport fighting in a large arena on one side of town. The people take great pleasure from these contests and great pride in their fostering. 

The majority of people of Fuckoff are refugees from around Malaan. The town owes its origin to a ship wreck some 200 years ago, the people moved inland away from the swamps until they settled here in the shadow of the breadfruit tree that kept them alive during a period of famine. Since then others have found their way to Fuckoff, some on purpose, others by accident.   A variety of races are represented in the village, as refugees come in all forms.

Over the years they sought out and tried to connect with the neighboring peoples: the Kull Huukec (goblins), Grugach (wild elves), and Sezari (lizardfolk). In each case their entreaties resulted in catastrophes. The survivors are hardened, and xenophobic. They've embraced an authoritarian leader who offer protection at the cost of complete obedience. This has worked reasonably well for them, and they continue to be wary of strangers. 

There is little religion, but all the people pay some homage to Aldayave the spiritlord tree in the center of town.

A few of the Kull Huukec, feral goblins, live in town mostly as servants and menial workers. They seem very vulnerable to the affects of Masi (Breadfruit alcohol) and many Kull Huukec are drunks that are barely tolerated by the people.  



Notable Characters:

  • Aldayave appears as a Dryad each Dun moon to except offerings and offer blessings of her own. The extent of her powers are unknown.  
  • Primus Pilus Shagroth - Tyrant of Fuckoff. Half Orc Warrior. Shrewd and jealous.
  • Secondus Dahmunkir - Goblin Enchanter. Clever and cautious. 
  • Marcel L’Embompoint - Chief of Trades (mostly internal to the village) Human
  • Zanna Ivorytooth - Gnome Owner of the Numb Nihilist (only bar in town) 
  • Haumuruk Salke - Drunk Goblin Bard 
  • Sifa human, and her brother Murq Tiefling
  • Alasir Sharpspell – Female Elven Warmage
  • Jorgin Human Male Pit Master
  • Soulne Steelbender Female Dwarf Smith of Menders
  • Bloody Myrtle Female Human Surgeon
  • Aramis Chasseur Human Male Hunter ("boyfriend" of Sifa)



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