Magic Items


Oil of Undeath

Foul smelling oil can be smeared over a small or medium creature (4 doses for large, 1/2 for tiny). 

  • Produces a mostly olfactory illusion that the person is undead to other undead. 
  • Intelligent undead may spend an action Investigating the person so glamored, then they get an INT save DC13 to see through the illusion. If the wearer behaves in a ways unusual for an undead the save may be at advantage. 

Blood Lamp

Brass and Glass lantern with a small "oil" reserve and sharpened tube to introduce blood. 

  • For each Hit Point of blood added to the reserve (up to 24) the lantern will burn to illuminate a 60ft radius of dim (blood red) light. 
  • Only those who've contributed at least 1HP can see this light. Each person can view the entire time regardless of contribution. 

Bone Hammer

Carved from petrified bone of a giant, by the Frost Dwarves of Canarvaen (a lost tribe).

  • War Hammer+1/+2 vs Skeletons-Constructs (Attuned)
  • Wielder is immune to critical hits from bludgeoning damage, and takes 1d8 less damage from falls (if not incapacitated).
  • Lastly if wielder takes Piercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning or Force damage and is reduced to zero hit points, she can instead with a reaction ignore that attack, and have the war hammer break instead. If the parts of the hammer are joined and left together, they will mend in 24hrs


Bow of Valenor Imradil, Elven dragon slayer of West Willow. Ornately carved with his exploits in wood as strong as iron. Weighs five pounds, requires DC 20 Strength check to restring.

  • Level 1 (Attuned): +1 bonus, add Strength modifier to damage, can be used as quarterstaff
  • Level 5 (Attuned): +2, at long range double weapon dice and Strength save v DC = damage or knocked back 10 feet
  • Level 10 (Attune by blocking attack against ally with help action): +3, apply magic bonus to AC as reaction against attack that would hit
  • Level 15: +4, damage becomes d10, critical hits get extra die
  • Level 20: +5

Wand of the Marionette

+1 on DCs for spells with the charm effect. 7 Charges Puppet Spell DC15. Requires successfully charming an unfriendly target to attune. 

Five Step Boots

Up to half of your movement on any turn can be on water, mud, lava or even the air (rising or dropping up to Half your speed in height). In most cases this will allow you to ignore difficult terrain. You must move at least 5 feet normally before you can move magically. If you are not on solid ground at the end of that movement, you drop/sink or otherwise lose the magical movement.


Magic Items

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