Farrier Guild

The Farriers' Guild is understandably involved in the training and certification of farriers, as well as the regulation and inspection of horseshoes. As one of the oldest and most powerful guilds it is also involved in nearly anything related: iron smithing, leather work, horses themselves, husbandry, and other fields. Many people whose work is only tangentially related to horseshoes also have become members to share in its protections: farmers, ranchers, cobblers, map makers, and others. 

The guild is less dedicated to farring now than during the heights of the so called Horse Baronies, but even then is secured considerable power, and its master was the most powerful commoner in the lands. 

The guild has a Sergeant at Arms who musters a posse when force is needed to enforce some guild policy or ensure protection for its members.

The Farrier's Guild took over Abul's Mansions for it's hall and offices. 

Farrier Guild

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